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Meeting the master “Klaus Philipp”

“What an honor to meet the master “Klaus Philipp”, probably the most famour horse painter and my idol since childhood. He has painted numerous famous horses and the most important stallions. I especially love how he manages to capture movement in his paintings, they look incredibly lively. He was super nice and even had a look at my paintings to give me some advice. I was very happy to hear him say that I’m on the right path with my paintings and that my technique is well developed. We also went through his paintings in the exhibition and he explained the meaning and process behind them. A very very interesting meeting. Not only his paintings but his whole personality is interesting, I have seldomly met such an observing person and felt like he realized every detail in his surrounding. What a wonderful, motivating experience. I will try to improve my work based on your recommendations and am starting a new sketch book series at the barn soon!”