“In our fast paced modern world, it is my goal to draw attention to the details and capture emotions with my paintings.” – Stefanie Hornig

A passion for horses and painting combined is what makes these paintings so special. Looking at a horse through the eyes of a horse women and using fine art techniques to show these visions to the rest of the world. Having started her way to becoming a horse women early on she has been spending most of her life becoming acquainted with horses, starting her riding career with her horse “Goldie” aged 8. The two of them are still together, with Goldie enjoying his retirement on a field in the German countryside. Nowadays she lives in Belgium at the Stephex Stables surrounded by her favorite subjects. What has never changed is her pure love and care for the individual horse which is what she tries to respect in her paintings.

While working on commission, Stefanie likes to visit the horse she paints as often as possible, taking sketches and photographs and then working from the collected information. “Just working from a photo is often not good enough and I would not be able to truly capture the individual character of the horse if I do not know it personally”.

Moreover, she also does individual art pieces preferably in a “cropped style”. “That way I get to draw attention to a very specific detail which I think is particularly important or which captures a particular emotion.”